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Our story

We are an international couple originally from Kent, England and the beautiful St Moritz, in the Swiss Alps! We met abroad in Australia in 2018 and have been touring the world together since.

 We have restored a vintage 1976 VW camper van and that's when Little Travelling Bean was born! Most recently we have finished our 1995 VW Lt35 restoration and NEW coffee trailer.  

We are an Alpine inspired, mobile coffee business bringing all of our travel and cultural experiences to one place. Our beans are ethically sourced and our coffee is made mostly using Solar Powered energy meaning we are protecting our environment as well producing amazing coffees!

Coffee, cakes, organic juices & much more! 

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Backpacking Beans 

We are here to share our experiences from  backpacking all over the globe together.  We know many languages and have lived in many countries so whether you are interested in our coffee, where we originate from or you just want a chat about life, were here for it!

Coffee Beans 

As well as our obvious love for coffee, we have carefully picked our local, award-winning, coffee roasters to supply us with the freshest, most organic coffee beans! We can even tell you what exact bean plantation your coffee is from.. cool eh? 

Little Bean Going Green

Since setting off on our travels we quickly realised how much our planet needs all of our help! Being able to minimise the footprint of our business on the environment is our ultimate goal.  We want coffee to be enjoyed by future generations and for it to be as good as, or better than the coffee we drink today! 


“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

© Olivia Slate


What Makes Us Special